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Interview on the Rocktopia site with Nexts To None's MAX PORTNOY.....View

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SONIC BANDWAGON - SKINNY LISTER - album & live round up.....View

LOUDER THAN WAR album reviews - BARRULE - Manannan's Cloak'.....View, GIGSPANNER 'Layers Of Ages'.....View

LOUDER THAN WAR album reviews - BELLA HARDY 'With The Dawn'.....View, FALSE LIGHTS 'Salvor'.....View, STEVE PLEDGER 'Striking Matches In The Wind' .....View

LOUDER THAN WAR album reviews - FABIAN HOLLAND 'A Day Like Tomorrow'.....View, LUKE JACKSON 'This Family Tree'.....View, KATZENJAMMER 'Rockland'.....View

LOUDER THAN WAR album reviews - THE YOUNG'UNS 'Another Mans Ground'.....View, KATHRYN ROBERTS & SEAN LAKEMAN 'Tomorrow Will Follow Today'.....View

LOUDER THAN WAR live reviews - THE UNTHANKS (photos).....View, BELLOWHEAD.....View

LOUDER THAN WAR interviews - BELLA HARDY.....View, THE YOUNG'UNS.....View





FATEA album reviews - SPIRO.....View, FINLAY MORTON.....View

BRIGHT YOUNG FOLK review of albums by KATE RUSBY.....View, DAN WALSH.....View and TIR EOLAS.....View

MANCHESTER ROCKS review of the STEVE HACKETT 'Wolflight' album.....View and NEAL MORSE live review.....View 

Review and photos from the CLASSIC ROCK SOCIETY Awards night with PALLAS and JUMP on the Manchester Rocks website.....View

Louder Than War review of 'Tomorrow Will Follow Today' by KATHRYN ROBERTS & SEAN LAKEMAN.....View

Sonic Bandwagon bookshelf reviews STEVE HOGARTH's diaries Vol 2.....View plus CD reviews for FINDLAY NAPIER.....View and BLACK STAR RIDERS.....View

Manchester Rocks carries a NEAL MORSE album review.....View and interview.....View

The Bright Young Folk website carries reviews of the new CDs by TREACHEROUS ORCHESTRA.....View and KATHRYN ROBERTS & SEAN LAKEMAN.....View

Louder Than War publish THE UNTHANKS album review.....View

Louder Than War carry a review and photo gallery of the ELBOW gigs at Manchester Apollo.....View

Manchester Rocks review of BIGELF at Manchester Deaf Institute with some of my images.....View

FATEA carries CD reviews of COCO & THE BUTTERFIELDS.....View, IAN CARR....View, CAMERON BLAKE.....View and PHIL DOLEMAN.....View

Brief review & photos of ELBOW at Manchester Apollo 5.2.2015 on Get To The Front.....View

A review of 9BACH's 'Tinc' EP on the Bright Young Folk website.....View

An interview with BEARDFISH published on the Manchester Rocks! website.....View plus the review of their +4626- Comfortzone album.....View

Some live photography featured in Manchester Rocks! interview with Charlotte Wessels of DELAIN.....View

Interview with JOSIENNE CLARKE & BEN WALKER on the Bright Young Folk website.....View

A new ROBERT PLANT biography review hits the Sonic Bandwagon bookshelves.....View

The GET YOUR ROCK OUT website has a review of the ASTRAKHAN 'A Tapestry Of Scabs And Skin' EP.....View

FATEA's review of the GREAT BRITISH FOLK FESTIVAL with my gallery.....View

FATEA Album reviews for BRENDAN MONAGHAN.....View and DAVID ROBERTS.....View

Sonic Bandwagon has THE LEVELLERS live review.....View and single review.....View

MARTYN JOSEPH live review and images on the FATEA website.....View

The BRIGHT YOUNG FOLK website has the review of THE COACH HOUSE COMPANY EP.....View

SPIRES 'The Whisperer' album reviewed on Manchester Rocks!.....View

Bright Young Folk published review of THE COACH HOUSE COMPANY EP.....View

Louder Than War has the BOO HEWERDINE 'My Name In The Brackets' album review.....View

BELLOWHEAD Live in York on the FATEA website.....View

ASIA live review from Manchester RNCM on Get To The Front.....View

KELLY OLIVER's new album 'This Land' gets the Sonic Bandwagon review.....View

Sonic Bandwagon's ELECTRIC WIZARD live review includes photos from the gig.....View

Get Your Rock Out - The STEVE ROTHERY BAND in Manchester gets a live report.....View

Sonic Bandwagon online has a BELLOWHEAD Live in Liverpool review.....View

Prog-Sphere carries a STEVE HACKETT Live review & photos.....View

Manchester Rocks! website has a review of the BLUES PILLS album.....View

Louder Than War carries a BELLOWHEAD Live report form the 'Revival' Tour.....View 

THE FULL ENGLISH Live experience at the RNCM is reviewed on FATEA.....View

The SONGS FOR THE VOICELESS tour at The Met reviewed on FATEA.....View

Images used in the NORTHERN SOUL review of Homegrown at The Met.....View

Sonic Bandwagon covers reviews on Norfolk bands THE VAGABAND.....View and JAMES FROST.....View

Sonic Bandwagon Bookshelf carries the OZZY OSBOURNE - Day-by-day review.....View

Crack Magazine online - ELECTRIC WIZARD image use in their review.....View

ASHLEY HUTCHINGS - new album reviewd on Bright Young Folk.....View

CHARLES SPICER and MARK T get reviewed on Bright Young Folk.....View

Sonic Bandwagon website review of the new album by THESE CURIOUS THOUGHTS.....View

PERVY PERKIN album 'Ink' gets the Sonic Bandwagon review.....View

The HOMEGROWN and ENGLISH FOLK EXPO event gets coverage on the FATEA website.....View

Some images used in the review of ELECTRIC WIZARD in the Sludgelord website.....View

Two albums by PETE BARDENS reviwed on the FATEA website.....View

The FATEA website has a live review of 'Made in the Great War' featuring SAM SWEENEY.....View

TRANSATLANTIC 'KaLIVEscope' dvd review on Manchester Rocks! website.....View

the FEAR ME DECEMBER EP review is on the Get Your Rock Out website.....View

WHITESNAKE - 'Back To The Bone' reviewed on Manchester Rocks! website.....View

Review of 'Songs For The Voiceless' on FATEA website.....View

Live review of THE TRAVELLING BAND at Manchester Gorilla on Louder Than War.....View

Live review of THE GRAMOTONES at Band On The Wall on Louder Than War.....View

'Second Nature' by FLYING COLORS get the Manchester Rocks review.....View

An interview with ANGE HARDY and her 'Lament Of The Black Sheep' album.....View

An interview with SAM SWEENEY about his 'Made In The Great War' project.....View

THE HUT PEOPLE's 'Cabinet Of Curiosities' reviewed on www.fatea.....View

'Amid Fiery Skies' by THE WILLOWS reviewed on the Sonic Bandwagon site.....View

An interview with ENCHANT main man DOUG OTT on Mancehsetr Rocks.....View

'The Great Divide' by ENCHANT riviewed on Manchester Rocks.....View

The Manchester Rocks website has the review of 'Kallisti' by EMPTY YARD EXPERIMENT.....View

...and a FATEA interview with CARA DILLON 'Catching up with Cara'.....View

FATEA carries a review of SALLY BARKER'S 'Maid In England' album.....View

SONIC BANDWAGON has a couple of book reviews on THE WHO.....View and QUEEN.....View

FATEA has the review of SISTER SPEAK - 'Rise Up For Love'.....View

SONIC BANDWAGON also combines the VENA PORTAE album review and Manchester gig review.....View

The SONIC BANDWAGON website has the reveiw of the O'HOOLEY & TIDOW live show in Halifax raising funds for Parkinson's UK.....View

Louder Than War publish the review of 'Court Of Conscience' by WINTER IN EDEN.....View

'Manchester Rocks!' website has a review of 'Heaven And Earth' by YES.....View

Bright Young Folk and the review of ANGE HARDY'S 'Lament Of The Black Sheep'.....View

SUNJAY - the album reviewed on FATEA.....View and also a brief interview/chat.....View

The 'Now Then Manchester' blog carries a review and images of LUKE JACKSON from Stockport's Barista Bare show.....View

RUN OUT THE GUNS' album 'Powder & Shot' reviewed on the Bright Young Folk website.....View

Review of the UNDERNEATH THE STARS FESTIVAL on www.fatea.....View

Louder Than War carries the review of BLACK STAR RIDERS.....View

Bright Young Folk carry the review of the BOB COPPER ep.....View

'Waters So Deep' by KARA gets reviewed on www.fatea......View

THE LEVELLERS - Live review and photo gallery published on Louder Than War.....View

A look at some photography work done by the pupils of Greenmount Primary School on the World War 1 theme.....View

FATEA website carrying album reviews by THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN.....View, RACHEL NEWTON.....View and a live review of BELLA HARDY and her 30 at 30 show.....View

'The Call' by Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar reviewed on the Bright Young Folk website.....View

Sonic Bandwagon - the view on BELLOWHEAD'S 'Revival album.....View

Sonic Bandwagon carry a review of MARTYN JOSEPH'S 'Let Yourself Trust' launch gig.....View

Samples of work from a morning and afternoon photo project in a local primary school.....View

Bright Young Folk carry the review of the new STICK IN THE WHEEL EP.....View

The Askew Sisters - 'In The Air Or The Earth' review publishe don FATEA.....View

FATEA carries a review of the new album by Arcelia.....View

Steve Knightley and his 'Grow Your Own Gig' paired with the WORDS & MUSIC OF THE GREAT WAR review on

'Amazing Robot' - single by Boo Hewerdine reviewed on FATA.....View

RIVAL SONS Live review of the Manchester Gotilla gig on Louder Than War.....View

Bright Youg Folk publishes the review of the FALSE LIGHTS debut EP.....View

Album review on FATEA - MISHAPED PEARLS new record 'Thamesis'.....View

Album review on FATEA - RICHARD DURRANT'S 'Cycling Music'.....View

Album review on FATEA - CHRIS BEVINGTON & FRIENDS.....View

BLAIR DUNLOP - Live at The Band On The Wall, on the FATEA website........View

And also on FATEA - live review of KAN at the Met's Big Whistle festival.....View

FATEA carries a live review of BOO HEWERDINE.....View

Jethro Tull's IAN ANDERSON - live review on Louder Than War.....View

'One Blinding Dusky Dusk' by WHISKEY MOONFACE reviewed on FATEA....View

BLAIR DUNLOP - 'House Of Jacks - reviewed on Bright Young Folk.....View

Louder Than War carries THE NEW LINE 'Can't Hold The Wheel' album review.....View

Album review - MARCUS O'NEILL'S 'Way Beyond The Sugar Beet' on Louder Than War....View

Live review & photos  of VIN GARBUTT @ The Met, Bury.....View

Live review & photos of CARA DILLON and WINTER MOUNTAIN @ The Rose Theatre, Ormskirk.....View

'Songs Of Love So Cruel' by ULTAN CONLON reviewed for FATEA.....View

'In A Box' - the MEGSON album reviewed on the Bright Youg Folk website.....View

Review of BELLOWHEAD'S 10th Birthday Bash at Bridgewater Hall, Manchester on the FATEA website.....View

WITHIN TEMPTATION Live review on the Louder Than War website.....View

EMILY SMITH - Live review @The Met.....View & short interview.....View

Belshazzar's Feast live album - 'The Whiting's On The Wall' reviewed on Bright Young Folk.....View

More work on - Sabbath Assembly....View. Boho Dancer.....View, Merrymouth.....View and a live Spiers & Boden review and pic.....View

A whole stack of live reviews and photos on - The Furrow Collective.....View, Drever & Coyne.....View, Henry Priestman.....View, Faustus.....View, O'Hooley & Tidow.....View, Oysterband.....View

Album review - Adrian Nation 'Live At Crossroads - on

Album reviews on BRIGHT YOUNG FOLK - The Young 'Uns : 'Never Forget'.....View, 'It's All Good' - The Best of Damien Dempsey.....View

Album review - Bright Young Folk carry Calum Stewart & Heikki Bourgault's 'Hunter's Moon'.....View

Album review - 'The Frappin' Ramblin' Pete Morton' on

Album review - 'Tales From Pegasus Woods' - Arthur Rigby & The Baskervylles.....View

Bright Young Folk review - The Crooked Fiddle Band.....View

ProgSphere carries a Dream Theater live report and photo gallery.....View

DREAM THEATER live review - GetToTheFront.....View

Louder Than War - a photo review of SETH LAKEMAN at Lichfield Cathedral.....View

'Turas' by Marit & Rona - the Bright Young Folk review.....View

FATEA carries a review of 'Word Of Mouth' by SETH LAKEMAN.....View

FATEA carries a live review of Neil McSweeney at Gullivers Manchester.....View

Couple of my live images used in the ProgSphere interview with MIKE PORTNOY.....View

Prog Sphere publish the review of 'Electronica' by Geoff Downes' New Dance Orchestra.....View

Live review - The Young 'Uns at The Met, Bury on FATEA.....View

HEATH COMMON's 'The Dreams Of Miss Dee' reviewed on Louder Than War.....View

Album review on Louder Than War - LUKE JACKSON'S new 'Fumes & Faith'.....View  

Live review on the FATEA website; Mog Stanley & Jo Bywater at Stockport's Barista Bar as part of Roots & Fusion 'Playing Out'.....View

Bright Young Folk website review for FRESHLY GROUND album.....View

Album review - PAUL ANDERSON'S 'Last Of the Standing Stones' on the Bright Young Folk website.....View

Live review - Louder Than War publishes CHRIS T-T & THE HOODRATS.....View

SHINYRIBS  'Gulf Coast Museum' album reviewed on FATEA.....View

KATE RUSBY at Christmas - live review on

FATEA magazine - December music reviews the new album by BAP KENNEDY .....View

FATEA magazine - December music reviews the new album by HENRY PRIESTMAN.....View

THE LEVELLERS - live review - Manchester Academy 20.12.13,

Album review - LINCOLN DURHAM's 'Exodus Of The Deemed Unrighteous' -

MUDKISS book reviews - starring RUSH, PETER GABRIEL, JETHRO TULL and Slade's Don Powell.....View

Mudkiss December music reviews - featuring Nick Cave, Beans On Toast and Rebekka Karijord......View

Music review - CLUTCHING AT STRAWS 'Come What May' on FATEA.....view

live review - MARTYN JOSEPH  at Sale Waterside - on

live review - Stornoway at Manchester Ritz - on

live review - Heidi Talbot at the RNCM, Manchester - on

live review - BELLOWHEAD first time in Blackburn - on

Mudkiss music reviews - scroll down for new album reviews featuring Buckcherry, Chris TT & the Hoodrats, Emily Jane White, Eurielle, Jump, New Country Rehab and Pirate Copy.....view

live review - Sukh, the 'Kings' album launch at The Castle Hotel, Manchester.....view

live review - Sean Lakeman & Kathryn Roberts.....view

SUKH - 'Kings' album review on www.louderthanwar.....view

SILJE LEIRVIK - 'Endless Serenade' album review on

THE FALLOWS - review of 'Liars & Kings' on

BELLOWHEAD - Parr Hall, Warrington - live review.....View

EMILY BARKER & THE RED CLAY HALO  - St Philips Church, Salford - live review.....View

NICK LOWE - Quality Street CD review -

Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited - 'revisited'  live review on PROG-SPHERE.....View

Live review - THE FULL ENGLISH - at The Atkinson, Southport.....View

CD reviews in the Mudkiss October roundup - Will Pound, The Full English, The Fallows, Sean Taylor, John Parkes.....View

Live review - GetToTheFront - DEEP PURPLE, Manchester Apollo.....View

Mudkiss Live review - Ahab & The Hummingbirds, Ruby Lounge, Manchester .....View

CD review - Martyn Joseph "Tires Rushing By In The Rain" on Louder Than War.....View

Live review - Steve Hackett opening his UK tour in Aylesbury - The Waiting Room online #84.....View

Mudkiss BOOK REVIEWS - 'Springsteen On Springsteen' (Omnibus Books).....View

Live review : IONA at Manchester Band On The Wall - GetToTheFront.....View

Mudkiss live review - Will Varley at The Fox & Goose, Hebden Bridge.....View

Mudkiss live review - Lucy Ward at The Globe, Glossop.....View

Record Collector weekly newsletter - Richard Hawley photo from Ramsbottom gets a space.....View

Album review - Hannah Martyn & Phillip Henry 'MYND' on Louder Than War.....View

Album review - Andy Fairweather Low ZONE-O-TONE on Louder Than War.....View

Photos in the Bury Times online article - Richard Hawley at Ramsbottom 2013.....View

Photos in the Bury Times online article - Richard Hawley at Ramsbottom 2013.....View

Photos in the Bury Times online article on the 2013 Ramsbottom Festival.....View

Photos in the Bury Times online article on the 2013 Ramsbottom Festival.....View

Mudkiss September CD reviews - scroll down for reviews on - Will Varley, Lisa Knapp, The Prog Collective  and  Joseph Arthur....View

Mudkiss CD reviews - scroll down for my reviews of an ecletic bunch; Mike Oldfield, Lucy Ward and Fairport Convention.....View

Mudkiss CD reviews - scroll down for my piece on the Emily Barker 'Dear River' album.....View

Mudkiss - Theatre review! 'Big Sid' at The Lass O' Gowrie.....View

Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited Tour images includes a link back to my web gallery.....View - live musings on Bruce Springsteen's blistering Leeds Arena opening show .....View

Mudkiss Live review - The Levellers at Holmfirth Picturedrome.....View

Mudkiss Live review - Steve Winwood at The Lowry.....View

Mudkiss Book reviews - Tin Pan Alley & The Rise of Elton John......View

Mudkiss Cd reviews - scroll down for a take on the Black Star Riders album and 'Faithscience' by Tim Morse.....View

Folk - piece on the launch of the FULL ENGLISH........View

Eliza Carthy & Jim Moray - The Wayward Tour  review & photos.....View

Fish 'The Moveable Feast' live review on Mudkiss.....View

Fish - 'Talking Feasts' interview - Mudkiss online.....View

SETH LAKEMAN Live review, folk radio website.....View

Mr So & So - album listening party coverage.....View

Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited on Tour review....View

Spock's Beard Live review 'Progsphere' website.....View

KAN - Live review on

DAMIEN O'KANE - Live review on

Some reviews picked up by (ignore the fact that it says review by Pete Fyfe!).....View

Album reviews, from prog (Tim Morse), to future prog metal (Black Market Serotonin) to songs from the past century (The Beautiful Old).......View

Lau - Live at Holmfirth Picturedrome......View

SPOCK'S BEARD - Live review on Louder Than War.....View

'Barrule'  debut album review.....View

SHOW OF HANDS - live at Sale Waterside Arts Centre.........View

Review of Spiers & Boden Live at the Hungry Horse Folk Club - Backyard Songs Tour.....View

Review of Faustus Live - Mudkiss online fanzine ....View

SING A FULL SONG - Rex Preston & Miranda Sykes album review on

Prog Rock Royalty - the more epic version - coverage of the final two dates of the Neal Morse/Flower Kings European Tour......View

Prog Rock Royalty concert review......View

Book reviews....REM/Thin Lizzy/Sid Vicious.......Mudkiss online.....View

Fay Hield & The Hurricane Party at The Met  30.3.13.....View

scroll right down to the bottom for my thoughts on Greg Lake's 'songs of a lifetime' CD.....View

IT BITES - Manchester Academy 2 - 21st March 2013.....View

Book review - A Vicious Love Story - The Guardian online.....View

STORNOWAY - Band On The Wall review.....View

RICHARD THOMPSON at The Lowry - In Salford On Sunday.....View

Some photos from RT's gig at The Lowry shared on Richard Thompson's 'catch of the day'....View

Steve Hackett's re-issue series of CDs reviewed....View 

A few contributions to a mammoth March set of reviews: from Faustus to Bullet For My Valentine, via Steve Hackett and Heidi Talbot - folk to prog to metal!!!.....View

A short interview with John Spiers of award winning folk heroes Bellowhead.....View

STEVE KNIGHTLEY solo gig at The Met, Bury.....View

BELLOWHEAD live in Liverpool.....View

Final part of 3 part review of Bury Met's 'Big Whistle Festival'.....View

Second of 3 part review of Bury Met’s ‘Big Whistle Festival’.....View

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