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Are you looking for something different for your extra curricular activities?

How about an exciting new way to excite and inspire the children in a fun and creative skill.

About me and my Photography classes

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Mike Ainscoe:

Why have photography in Primary schools?

Children grow up in a visually rich environment and they are constantly surrounded by images in everything they do: picture books, photo albums, posters, films, adverts, TV programmes. Almost every aspect of learning involves pictures. Digital photography has made taking photographs much more accessible. Photography is now not just a career but can be studied academically in higher education and is now part of the technology and ICT curriculum in High schools, so why not in Primary schools?

What are the benefits?

Imagine the high quality visual impact in using displays of photographs in school, especially if they are the work of your children. Teamwork, cooperation, creative learning and thinking are an integral part of Photography Clubs, so children can enjoy working with their friends. Photography is like ‘instant art’ and learning about photography can develop a child’s visual literacy, broaden their vocabulary and encourage creativity.

From Rebecca, Skye and Dylan at East Ward Primary, Bury:

"It's great because you get to go outside and explore, take pictures and learn to use a camera"

From Karen Young, Headteacher, East Ward Primary School, Bury

"Photography Club at East Ward has increased children's confidence in using 'visual' stimuli to develop their creativity and imagination"

How does it work?

The clubs can follow a series of organised sessions - learning about using digital cameras, different types of shots, editing, setting up a shoot and shooting with a ‘theme’ although much of the fun is about developing individual talents and interests and the children being motivated to become creative photographers.

Photography clubs work best with small groups of children and a one hour session with some instruction, lots of photo shooting and evaluating is a sound structure. I carry a set of FujiFilm JV300 compact cameras and for photo editing, I have used the schools ICT facilities which means the children can continue to work with their images outside the club, and school technicians have made sure there is suitable (usually free) photo editing software available (for example, Picasa). The children particularly love manipulating their images to achieve different effects which can be printed and shared in the school community and beyond.

You could also consider booking me in for photographing special theme days in school or for working with groups of children in a ‘photography day’. In the last few months I have done compilations of images from events to celebrate World Book Day, Children In Need events, Jubilee Day 2012 and visits by outside speakers as well as being involved in providing images for use on the school website and promotional and marketing materials such as the school prospectus.

If you need any more details about the work I do in schools and information on rates, please do get in touch. and don't forget to check out the 'SCHOOLS' section in the gallery which shows great examples of pupil work and some examples of the promotional images I've done (although there are masses more which are available to see on a visit)